I know there should be a million ways to say the word beautiful, but this is ridiculous. And this is just the beginning. Icelandic...a language made up when no one had anything better to do to keep their neural pathways from corroding.

It was a falleg vase that smashed the falleg rose onto the falleg sidewalk where Gunni, Gubbi, Thor and Ðiæðæpithydotty were eating a falleg lunch of sixty five falleg plates of falleg fisk. fiskur? fiski? fisks? fiskurinn? fiskinn? fisknum? fisksins? fiskar? fiska? fiskum? fiskarnir? fiskana? fiskunum? fiskanna? ......

Don't even get me started on the nouns. FISH is FISH is FISH. Maybe more than one fish is FISHES. And maybe something wrong is FISHY. But that's it.