Being from London and having done film making in New York and spent time there, Iceland is the perfect intermediary location. Just two hours away.

I love all three - so if you live in London or New York, don't forget Iceland is right on the way. 


Perfectly situated between the two cities it is a wonderful escape from the *real world and still so close to both.

It may seem off the beaten track, but really it is the perfect spot. 


And from Reykjavik  - just five - six hours to NYC.

The airlines offer stopovers for people traveling to New York from London and vice-versa.  With a trip to the gorgeous Blue Lagoon and hotel stay for one night.



05/31/2012 00:17

Iceland is a heaven to those who want to escape from the running of the everyday life and crowd and noises. The place is in near to two very important and modern cities of the world and yet it embodies simplicity and peace.


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